The heroes of 2021 were the scientists. Will 2022 be better?

what a future.

2021 was the year in which the scientists were right. Everything they said would happen did happen.

We have been warned for years about a pandemic, and it happened. …

no gas.

Panic buying, at its heart, comes from a lack of confidence.

In the UK, people have lost confidence in things being predictable, reliable, or just working.

The country has been run by a series of Conservative governments where people have been hired for their ideology and loyalty, not their ability…

A year under lockdown changed the calculus around how we use our time and how we interact

PeopleImages via Getty Images

In the U.S. and U.K., hope is in the air. The vaccination programs are well underway, and life is starting to open up. The U.K. has been under one of the harshest lockdowns of the pandemic, with everything except pharmacies and food shops closed since December 26th. People have worked…

Our senses are starved. They lie dormant, waiting for the reopening.

Photo: Thanasis Zovoilis/Getty Images

It is nearly a year now, though time no longer passes with any structure. Each day is the same, weekends bleed into weeks, days into months, the seasons blur into each other.

There are three categories of people in lockdown: couples without children, couples with children, and single people. The…

Tobias Stone

Writing about politics, history, and society. An outsider's view on the USA, insider's view on the UK, and cautious optimist. @ts_writing

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