Is there a pee pee tape?

What this week taught us about Trump

1. Trump is not a genius

Whilst I had little doubt that he is a fool, there was a nagging doubt that maybe his clown act is a cover for something more wily and clever. I have written about why he thinks he’s a genius. It is our fault that he feels this way. He managed to become President, which is the top job. He is now fawned over by the whole world, regardless of how reluctantly. He said he’d come to London, and the Queen gave him tea, he got to fly military helicopters over central London. Wherever he goes, normal stops. That is our choice, and therefore our fault.

2. His affair with Russia

All along, we have wondered, is there a pee pee tape? Does Russia have something on him? His meeting with Putin shed some light on this too. Firstly, see above. Now we’ve established that he really is just stupid, it’s easier to understand how he can believe that Putin is good, and Russia did nothing wrong. It’s all a bit complicated, and clearly he’s just too dumb to wrap his head around it all.

Writing about politics, history, and society. An outsider's view on the USA, insider's view on the UK, and cautious optimist. @ts_writing

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