Watch Trump use Iran to bury the Manafort trial

This week, Donald Trump traded outrageous Twitter insults with the President of Iran.

Trump Tweeting about Manafort’s trial

Expect more of this, because also this week Paul Manafort goes on trial. The media should become full of revelations about his trial, revealing what Mueller has on Manafort, and by association on Trump. No doubt the Washington Post, New York Times, and Politico will cover it in detail. Check to see what Fox and Breitbart have to say on the topic.

Trump will use outrage as a smokescreen to obscure the Manafort story. Expect more of him threatening war with Iran, attacking Robert Mueller, and the FBI. Expect the story of Putin’s invitation to Washington to run and run, to outrage and anger people.

Trump and the MAGA-Media will do everything they can to bury the Manafort story. Risking war with Iran will be a price they’re willing to pay in order to distract Trump’s base from Manafort’s trial.

Don’t think anything Trump says or does is real or has any long term meaning. It is just noise to drown out a story that he knows could really harm him.

This is the new politics; propaganda, distraction, and diversion, lies and sabre rattling. But don’t let it fool you. Don’t respond to his provocative Tweets about Iran or Putin. Try to drown out the noise and focus on the thing he doesn’t want you to see. Make sure you share Manafort revelations like crazy, and don’t share Iran Tweets. Do not let Trump control the agenda.

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