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Melissa McCarthy’s SNL satire of Spicer

I am really worried that Sean Spicer will lose his job. His latest gaff, saying that Hitler hadn’t used gas against ‘his own people’, and referring to ‘Holocaust Centres’ instead of Concentration Camps was breath-taking, and drew calls for him to be fired from the likes of the Anne Frank Centre. Rather than criticise him for being a bad person, I prefer to take it at face value; he is an idiot.

The Washington Post published a great piece on his haplessness, saying “He has been portrayed to such devastating effect by Melissa McCarthy on “Saturday Night Live” — devouring gum, struggling with names and attacking reporters — that even now, when he shows up to briefings in jackets that fit, he sometimes appears to be imitating McCarthy imitating him… Given control of the official White House @presssec account, he pocket-tweeted messages such as “Aqenbpuu” and “n9y25ah7.” He showed up at one briefing with his flag lapel pin upside down, prompting jokes that he was sending a distress signal.”

But laugh as we do, and boy we do, if you’re not happy with Donald Trump’s latest show as The Most Powerful Man on Earth, then the last thing you should wish for is the demise of Sean Spicer. As the mouthpiece of the President he is doing an important job portraying the administration’s incompetence and intellectual frailty with utter veracity. There is no hiding behind Spicer. He shows Trump’s administration to be just what it is; ignorant, unprofessional, uncontrolled, and stupid — lest anyone should forget.

Fear him being replaced by someone slick, talented, and effective. Such a person would give the impression that Trump and his gang of millionaires and billionaires might actually be credible. Someone who did their homework, spun their words, and could pick up the pieces after a spate of late night Trump-Tweets would make it far more likely Trump will hang onto his power.

With the mid-Terms an important opportunity for American politics to correct itself by emasculating the Republicans’ hold on all three pillars of the State, anyone who wants to see America return to some semblance of rationality should be cheering on Sean Spicer at every slip-up. As the Republicans realise they’ve been duped by Trump, they should insist Spicer stays on. As for the Democrats, he’s their best friend. Spicer is good for everyone, except Trump.

In a way, Sean Spicer is one of the few glimpses of truth in the alternative fact world of Trump’s new order. Whilst he tells plenty of porky pies, and rambles incoherently, his brazen and shameless incompetence and the absurdity of his lies leave very few people in any doubt of the lack of truth or sense behind what he says. To that end, he is something of a check and balance, like a chink in a closed curtain at the Oval Office through which we can glimpse his boss walking around in his underwear ranting.

Unlike many in the early Trump team, who will fade into obscurity within seconds of falling out of favour, Sean Spicer will live on into history, in video memes, comedy sketches, and general Washington folk-law. Pity him, for sure. He clearly has no idea how absurd he is, or that not taking this job would have done more for his future than taking it - he would have been taken more seriously as a circus clown. But here he is now, the subject of our mirth, and the voice of the White House.

No, we need Sean Spicer. So stop demanding he is fired. Instead enjoy the spectacle, laugh at the satire (and the real thing) and celebrate that the Court of Trump has put forward their jester to represent them exactly as they really are.

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